Product Category: Engineered Wood Products & Floor Systems

With the large open spans of our modern house, as an industry, we are incorporating the use of Engineered Wood Products and Floor Systems (along with roof trusses) more and more frequently, as these products really are the go to solution to achieve this objective.

Quinn & Quinn is certified in the use of iLevel Software and will therefore not design using "Beam (or Floor) by Other" methods. What does this mean to you? In short, fewer errors on your jobsite, which translates directly to your cost to build and / or your bottom line. How?

With our designs we know that the form and function of the product fits with the form and function of your overall design, as well as the form and function of our Building Codes. Stairs fit, there is adequate headroom in critical areas like stairways and material estimates for the project are more accurate when tendering the work.

- Because Engineered Wood is man-made, it can be designed to meet application-specific performance requirements

- Engineered Wood Products are versatile and available in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes, grades and exposure durability requirements

- Engineered Wood Products are designed and manufactured to maximize the natural strength and stiffness characteristics of wood

-Engineered Wood Products are very stable and some offer greater structural strength than typical wood building materials

- Glued Laminated Lumber (Glulam) has greater strength and stiffness than comparable dimensional lumber and, pound for pound is stronger than steel and are also a better environmental choice than steel because they have less embodied energy

- Some Engineered Wood Products offer more design options without sacrificing structural requirements

- Engineered Wood Products provide the natural warmth and beauty of wood. The products can be easily and beautifully finished with paints, stains and varnishes

- Engineered Wood Products make more efficient use of wood. They can be made from small pieces of wood, wood that has defects or underutilized species

- Sustainable design advocates recommend using engineered wood. To see the source of this information, please click here.

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