Product Category: Roof Trusses

In the 1950's the metal connector plate transformed the truss industry by allowing efficient prefabrication of short and long span trusses.

In North America the wood truss industry has grown to the point where more than 60% of residential roofs are now built with wood trusses. In Canada, approximately 95% of new houses are built with wood roof trusses.

When the advantages of wood trusses are considered, it is not surprising that their use is increasing throughout the world. To see the source document, please click here.

Quinn & Quinn Inc are dealers for both Peterborough Truss and Floor Ltd. and Truss-Worthy Construction Systems Inc. Ask us to quote you on your truss requirements.

- easy to build with

- strength

- economical

- environmentally advantageous

- for roof or floor

- versatile system with flexible designs

- internationally proven and code accepted

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