Product Category: Structural Insulating Panels (SIPs)

Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs are bcoming increasingly popular. For the past ten years, Quinn & Quinn has been designing and supplying whole house packages in SIP. The thing about SIP is that it is extremely user-friendly to build with IF the design is done and reviewed accurately; and far less user-friendly when not.

Many of the things that we look out for are things that need to be accounted for properly BEFORE the panels are built and shipped, requiring a specialized understanding of the building as a whole.

This is typically not something that we would suggest that you leave to your local lumber desk; most of the time they are just not knowledgable enough. That is were the design team at Quinn & Quinn Inc steps in. Whether we have designed the project or you have an existing design, please contact us to discuss your SIP needs.

- White Paper on Green Building With SIPs

- easy to build with

- greater comfort and lower energy bills

- resource saving

- indoor air quality

- less repair and maintenance

- versatile system with flexible designs

- cost competitive

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