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Windows and doors can provide your home some of the greatest opportunity for energy loss or energy savings as well as having a huge impact on security and aesthetic. Quinn & Quinn Inc are dealers for several manufacturers; Dashwood, Martin Window and Door and through Mitten Products, Procanna, Everlast Screen Door, Sunview Patio Door and Vinylbilt.

Our modern Building Codes require far greater control over the energy efficiency of our building envelope. Windows and doors are regulated more than ever before because it is known that this area of the envelope is one of the most vulnerable to heat loss and gain. Realistically, that boils down to being common sense. It is also therefore, common sense to utilize a better manufactured and energy efficient window and door package.

Whether you have Quinn & Quinn Inc design a building for you, you have your own set of plans already, or you are replacing the existing windows and doors in your home, the design team at Quinn & Quinn can assist you in making wise, well-informed decisions with respect to your windows and doors.

With proposed legislation getting closer and closer to being passed, such as that requiring property listings for new and existing properties to have an energy audit done and the published results included as a part of your real estate listing, it is also common sense to ensure that it is done correctly the first time. See this link for more information with respect to this pending legislation.

Over and above protecting your investment, some of the benefits of using good quality windows and doors are;

- improve daylight

- greater comfort and lower energy bills

- long lasting window life-cycle

- reduce fading of interior elements

- a healthier home and environment

- versatile features and flexible design options

- code conformity

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